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Hüttlin CHP system
The central core of a Hüttlin combined heat and power (CHP) plant is the Hüttlin-Kugelmotor-Hybrid®. This completely replaces  the oil heating system, and it not only produces heat, but also electrical energy used for the distribution through the  network in the whole building. The advantages against an alternative hybrid system are: 1. Relatively little frictional resistance between the moving components in the system, reducing the required fuel  volume considerably (normally CNG). 2. Because of the symmetrical design of the moving components there are very little vibrations. The HBK (Hüttlin  Blockheizkraftwerk) or HCHP therefore needs less suspension and buffering and less noise insulation. This reduces  the installation and construction costs. 3. Energy from thermal and photovoltaic solar panels can be fed into the entire system without any restrictions.
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