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smaller and lighter more economical to run fewer parts easier to produce
Superior Technology
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In the Hüttlin-Kugelmotor-Hybrid® the combustion engine and the ring-shaped electrical generator (also used as starter and motor) are combined in a single almost spherical casing. This design is particularly compact and light-weight. The simple construction makes the production and the operation of the unit especially cost-efficient accordingly environmentally friendly. When comparing this with purely battery-powered vehicles a major advantage is the fact that the battery in the hybrid can be much smaller, thereby reducing the weight that needs to be carried. In the Hüttlin-Kugelmotor-Hybrid® the combustion engine can be completely disabled and the vehicle can be run in the battery mode during inner-city operation. During braking or when coasting downhill the electrical motor works as a generator, recuperating the energy released and charging the battery or batteries.
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