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Hüttlin-Wind turbine power station
The Hüttlin wind energy-hybrid HWH can be installed in any kind of wind power generating system. Contrary to conventional systems the Hüttlin hybrid can produce electrical energy and compressed air. This compressed air can be stored in tanks or caverns, from where it can, in situations where peak electrical loads or lack of wind force are experienced be transformed into electrical energy by means of the HWH (Hüttlin Wind energy Hybrid®). The advantages against an alternative hybrid system are: 1. The HWH is much smaller and lighter in weight the conventional generators and compressors. In addition, both systems (the mechanical compressor and the electrical generator) are both installed in a joint compact housing. 2. The symmetrical design and construction of the moving components guarantee a relatively very low level of vibrations. 3. Even with little wind and few revolutions of the wind rotor electricity and compressed air can be produced very efficiently.