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smaller and lighter more economical to run fewer parts easier to produce
Superior Technology
The company Innomot AG was founded in 1998 and holds patents and exclusively worldwide licencing and marketing rights for the entire range of the  Hüttlin drive technology. Majority shareholder and President of the Administrative Board: Dr h.c. Herbert Hüttlin, inventor and head of R&D. General Manager:  René Lang;  Administrative Board members: Robert Hilty, Dr Michael Sidler and Willmar Weimer. The list of shareholders includes many  prominent persons from business and politics on various countries: e.g. Bertrand Piccard (Solarimpulse), Roland Mack (Europapark), Fredy Bühler (Widenmoos). The Innomot AG has assigned the development and certification to an engineering team of the company Innowatt GmbH in Germany. The  development is to be concluded shortly and first negotiations on the manufacturing, marketing and usage licences are very promising. Interested parties can get involved in this exciting project through the purchase of shares. Based on first calculated high yields can be expected. The current share prices and the other conditions are available on request from the General Manager. the Administrative Board President Dr. h.c. Herbert Hüttlin or one of the Administrative Board members.
Bertrand Piccard with André Borschberg at our booth in Geneva
Roland Mack Europapark
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