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Superior Technology
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The spherical internationally patented compressor Hüttlin-Kugelkompressor® was developed during the successful engineering  history of the spherical engine Hüttlin-Kugelmotor®, the innovative drive technology for modern mobility. The spherical  compressor is designed around the same three-dimensional kinematic, which makes it particularly suitable for the production of  industrial compressed air. The compressor aggregate is virtually spherically form-fitted inside the housing with its ring-shaped electrical drive motor,  making it a compact functional unit. This simple design and construction concept make everything smaller and lighter in weight,  consists of relatively few components and is especially cost-efficient and environmentally friendly in construction and operation. A single specialist needs only 20 minutes to assemble or dismantle the spherical Hüttlin compressor of the 1200 cc capacity  class. This is due to the small number of components installed and the assembly-friendly design. The curved element of the Hüttlin spherical compressor is fixed in a form-fit, yet easy to release manner to the ring-shaped  magnetic rotor of the electrical motor, making up a single functional unit. During the rotation the two twin pistons are oscillated  in opposite directions, thereby creating an “intake” and a “compression” stroke, respectively. The air intake and exhaust is  controlled by two independent and so-called flutter valves. Because the two twin pistons are guided by means of a central axis  any contact with the curved cylinder walls of the piston stator. This interesting system of moving the piston means that the  frictional resistance is substantially reduced in the mechanical-kinematic system.