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The spherical engine Hüttlin-Kugelmotor® with its three-dimensional kinematic is, without the integrated electrical  generator, the basis for a new and especially progressive and environmentally-friendly pure four stroke engine. The  Hüttlin-Kugelmotor® is, depending on the design variant, suitable for all commonly available fuels, such as petrol, diesel,  autogas (LPG/CNG), bio-fuels and hydrogen.  The Hüttlin-Kugelmotor® is constructed around a so-called piston-rotor, fitted with two curved cavities with a circular  cross-section arranged on the same axial plane, with a total of four also curved pistons with a circular cross-sections,  which execute reciprocate oscillating movements in diametrically opposite pairs. These piston movements, also called  respiratory movements, are induced by the spherical piston guide rollers, rolling on the two surfaces arranged orthogonally  to the system axis and sliding simultaneously, (with virtually no mechanical resistance) inside the semi-spherical rear  hollow of the twin pistons.  This will cause the piston rotor to rotate with the two twin pistons pairs and develop torque. For the purpose of  mechanical force transmission the piston rotor in the basic version of the spherical engine is fitted with a bevel gear on  each of the two face sides interacting with a second cone gearwheel, arranged orthogonally to the main axis. On each of the two face sides of the casing there is a gas change unit similar in design to a turning slider for the fresh gas  intake and the gas exhaust, as well as the injection jets for fuel and the spark or glow plugs. These devices correspond  optimally with the combustion chambers arranged on the same axis plane, whose intake and exhaust times can be  controlled.  The curved but perfectly circular pistons are fitted with mass production pistons rings and meet the proven standards in  combustion engine technology. They are a primary component of this three dimensional engine kinematics, consistently  oriented on the spherical design principles.
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