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smaller and lighter more economical to run fewer parts easier to produce
Superior Technology
The company Innomot AG was founded in 1998 and holds patents and exlusively worldwide licencing and marketing rights for the entire range of the Hüttlin drive technology. The share capital of 4,568,500 Swiss francs has been fully paid up.
Dr. h.c. Herbert Hüttlin Inventor and leader development Majority shareholder and Chairman of the Board
The administrative board convenes regularly; it discusses and decides significant strategic steps and contents ensuring a  prosperous and successful future for the company and the projects alike.
All shareholders are registered in the share register and are informed by the administrative board in regular shareholder meetings.  Dr h.c. Herbert Hüttlin and his engineers inform the shareholders on the current technical and scheduling status of the project.  Important decisions are reached jointly.
Willmar Weimer Member of the Board 
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Dr. Samuel Ansorge Member of the Board Contact by email